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Do you have children? Is the cost of childcare too costly to juggle especially as a student? Student Alliance in conjunction with the Student Childcare subcommittee has come up with a pilot program to partially subsidized the cost of childcare for current students attending CIIS.

NOTE: This is a pilot program that is to initially support student parents and their children. It is our hope that CIIS will take on this program long term, and will also include children of administrators, faculty and staff!

Child Care @ CIIS Mainfesto

Students of CIIS support our peers in their responsibility as caregivers to minors, therefore we allocate $10,00 in funds (a year) from the student alliance budget to assist them in caregiving.

We acknowledge the financial, psychological and physical difficulties of raising children in the Bay Area, an area that overall seems to place little value on the wellbeing of families, public education, healthcare and housing.

We encourage those individuals, who may not otherwise seek higher education because of race, class, gender, disability, ethnicity or due to financial constraints or obligations to their family, by funding childcare during the times they need to attend class, study, intern, and participate in the political life of CIIS.

We support scholars, which likewise value caregiving as a professional vocation and therefore encourage them as employees to pay an equitable and just fee for services, which amounts to $15 or more per hour, and this rate should increase with the number of children who are given care.

Child Care Funding Proposal Form

ChildCare Proposal Form Update 2012 To apply, download, fill out, and email to .

Child Care Time Sheet Form If you have received the funding, please use this form.

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