Free theatre this week!

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We Have Two Great Evenings Planned for CIIS Students That Love Theatre!!!
In new partnership with local communities, Student Alliance and The Southern Railroad Theatre Company, would like to invite the CIIS Community to see the performance of:
(description below on flyer)

“Wonderfully comic performances.”
“Top notch”
“Thanks to Susan Jackson’s marvelous sense of humor, a great time is had by all!”
-Flora Lynn Isaacson, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

Our reserved CIIS Community nights are these dates only:
Thursday, September 27 and  Friday, September 28th at 8pm.
Please choose one of these nights and save the date.
Doors open at 7:30pm.
CIIS students must sign-in at the Royce Gallery Theatre prior to the performance.
Take a break,  and let yourself enjoy an evening of laughter, mystery and good times with other members of the CIIS community, with this talented, and wonderful Theatre company.
Space is limited.
For comments, questions or concerns about this event, please contact Tia Phillips, with Student Alliance.

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