About Student Alliance

Student Alliance is a student-run organization that facilitates communication, sponsors events, and allocates funding to help students and student groups actualize the seven institute ideals. Listening to student voices, we build alliances, cultivate student leadership, and advocate for social change and transformation of existing power structures.

Student Alliance meets monthly. The meetings are open to all students. At meetings, all present have the opportunity to vote on new student group proposals and event proposals. Any student can propose a new student group or present a proposal for an event to be funded. The groups and events must be open to all students at CIIS in order to be funded by Student Alliance.

Tia Phillips is the current Student Alliance Coordinator and can be reached at studentalliance@ciis.edu or in Room 401. Regina Gelfo is the Website Coordinator for the Student Alliance website and can be reached at webcoordinator@ciisstudentalliance.com.

Spring 2014 Student Alliance Meetings

Friday, March 14 – 2:30pm – 5:30pm


Future meetings TBD.

All Student Alliance meetings are in Room 218 (the student lounge).


Important Dates for 2013-2014 Academic Year

March 10 – Spring Conference Funding Deadline
March 10 – Child Care Subsidy application deadline;
March 12th – Social Justice and Community Research Grant deadline
Week of March 10 – March 14th – Proposal Action Team (PAT) Meetings

The PAT (Proposal Action Team) team will meet sometime the week of Nov 11-15 to review applications for conference funding and childcare. Please contact Tia if you would like to participate. Snacks and some sort of incentive will be provided to students who participate (usually, a gift certificate to the cafe or bookstore).


The Proposal Action Team is a team of students and sometimes staff that comes together to review the conference funding and SJRCSG (Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant) proposals to make sure they meet the criteria needed to apply, discuss any thoughts or concerns, and from there make decisions about who should go to the next round of voting.

The meetings are generally from 2-5 hours depending on how many proposals we receive and they can take place over multiple days as well. There are incentives for students to participate, like free food or a voucher to the bookstore or cafe. They usually take place the week after conference funding proposals and SJRCSG are due. The team is not fixed, and does not always contain the same people.

Check out the Calendar of Student Events to stay updated about Student Alliance meetings, campus group meetings, and special events.