Institute Committees with Student Positions

Board of Trustees
The CIIS Board of Trustees is a governance body with legal and fiscal responsibility for the Institute. The board meets three Saturdays a year, and membership consists of eighteen outside members with specific areas of competence and interest in the Institute’s mission and goals, the president (ex officio), and elected representatives from faculty, students, and alumni. These elected representatives each serve as the voice of their constituency.
The Student Representative to the Board of Trustees is a voting member of the Board and attends all three meetings of the year. The Student Representative also serves on one of the following committees of the Board: Academic Affairs, Development, Executive, Finance, Students and Alumni, or Trusteeship, on the Friday before each of the Board meetings.
Contact: Shirley Strong

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council as authority and responsibility for campus academic policy, delegated to it by the Board of Trustees through the CIIS administration, including guidelines and requirements for admission to academic programs, content of curricula, standards of student performance, proficiency standards for degrees, and procedures for evaluating, monitoring and enhancing the quality of instruction.
Contact: Douglas Vakoch

Integral Education Committee
Contact: Matthew Bronson

Library Committee
The Library Committee reviews library collections and advises on library policies and initiatives. Membership: five core faculty with at least one member from each school, one student representative and the library director (ex officio).
Contact: Lise Dyckman