Campus Group Proposal Form
Fill out this form to propose a new campus group. It must be turned in at least 3 days before the Student Alliance meeting at which you are petitioning to create the group.

Campus Group Sign In Sheets
If you lead a Campus Group, please use this sign in sheet to track who attends your group meetings and events.

Childcare Enrollment Verification Form
In order to receive child care funding, your child’s care enrollment must be verified.

Child Care Proposal Form
Submit this form to apply for Child Care Subsidy. Deadlines are listed on Important Dates page.

Child Care Provider Receipts
Use this receipt template with your child care provider.

Child Care Timesheet
Use this form to track child care hours logged.

Contractor Invoice
If your student group or event brings a speaker or performer, you will need this form to be able to pay them.

Funding Guidelines
This document describes the guidelines for funding proposals and is required reading for all applicants. Last updated 11/14/07. All applicants are expected to apply according to the most recent guidelines posted on this site.

Funding Process
This document describes the order of events for funding proposals and is required reading for all applicants.

Funding Proposal Form
To apply for Student Alliance Funds, please submit a Funding Proposal Form after reading the Funding Process and Funding Guidelines documents.

Funding Receipt Form
Once you have been approved for funding OF ANY KIND, you will need to fill out a Funding Receipt Form. You must submit this form to receive your funding!

Release of Liability Agreement
Must be turned in with the Funding Receipt form for those who are receiving Conference Funding, the Social Justice and Community Research Grant, or doing any Student Alliance-funded event taking place off campus.

Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant Application
Fill this form out to apply for the Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant, which is awarded to 10 students per year. Applications are accepted during Spring semester.


Forms Packets

Campus Groups Packet
Childcare Subsidy Packet
Conference Funding Packet
Event Funding Packet (coming soon)
Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant Packet