Funding Overview

How Student Alliance Funding Works

Student Alliance receives $25 per student per semester from student registration fees. These funds are pooled and allocated to student groups and events based on a voting process that takes place at Student Alliance monthly meetings. Some Student Alliance funds are also used for student grants and subsidies, recipients of which are voted upon by the PAT (Proposal Action Team) committee.

All students are welcome to attend the monthly Student Alliance meetings, submit proposals for campus groups and events desiring to receive funding, and vote on proposals that are brought to the meetings. All students are also invited to be a part of the Proposal Action Team committees that form to vote on funding applications. Upcoming PAT team meetings are announced at Student Alliance meetings, noted on the Student Events Calendar and the Important Dates page of this website.


Submitting Proposals

Student Alliance accepts funding proposals on an ongoing basis. Leave Funding Proposal Forms in the Student Alliance Mailbox on the 4th floor or mail them to California Institute of Integral Studies, Attn: Student Alliance, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. You can also email your proposal to, or bring it to a Student Alliance meeting.

In order for your proposal to be voted upon at a Student Alliance meeting, it must be submitted at least 3 days before the meeting, either physically or via email, so the Student Alliance Coordinator can review your documents before the meeting and make print outs to pass around. If you submit your proposal for the first time at a meeting, it will not be voted upon until the next month’s Student Alliance meeting.

All those attending meetings should read the Funding Guidelines before attending.


What Student Alliance Funds

  • Campus Groupsup to $300 per group per semester  Learn More
  • Students Attending Conferences$500 for international presenters, $250 for national presenters, $250 for international attendees, $125 for national attendees  Learn More
  • Events - no fixed limits  Learn More
  • Child Care Subsidyup to $250 per semester  Learn more
  • Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant$1,000 one time grant (applications accepted in Spring semester only)   Learn more


All forms you need are located on the Forms page, with short descriptions of what each form is for. Email if you have any questions about which forms you need.