Campus Groups Process

About Campus Groups

Campus groups are student-created, student-led interest groups. See the list of active campus groups to get a sense for current campus groups. Campus groups must be open to the entire CIIS student body and must not be program/department specific.

Campus groups receive $300 per group per semester by default if the group is in active status. These funds can be used to buy food for meetings and events, pay facilitators and guest speakers, etc. Please speak with the student alliance coordinator for more details on what can be funded. Funds CANNOT be used to purchase alcohol. Funding is retroactive. Students cannot move or transfer unused semester funds into an old or new semester. Campus Group Events must be free to students.

Campus Group Facilitators can propose additional funds for projects or events that may need additional funds for their group’s goals and activities. All additional money requested must be first proposed using the proper forms, presented at an upcoming Student Alliance meeting, and voted upon by students attending that particular Student Alliance Meeting. Please use and complete the Funding Proposal Form to propose your event or additional funds you seek. A Campus Group could propose up to an additional $500 per semester.


Creating a New Campus Group

To apply to create a new campus group, please fill out the New Campus Group proposal form (which can also be found outside of Room 401) and bring it to a designated Student Alliance meeting that you have determined with Tia, the Student Alliance Coordinator. At the meeting, the Student Alliance Coordinator, as well as all students present, will determine if your group is eligible for funding and meets funding criteria. If so, your group will be created and you will be eligible for $300 per semester per group.

Once your group has been created, there are certain rules and expectations you must follow.


Rules for Campus Groups

- Facilitators (or a rep from their group) need to attend monthly Student Alliance meetings to provide a brief update of their group’s activity
- No alcohol can be bought with SA funds
- Your group’s meetings and special events must be added to the Student Events Calendar by someone from your group.
- Keep all receipts and provide them to Tia to receive reimbursement
- Please provide sign in attendance sheet from your group’s meetings and events of students that have attended, and submit a copy of the sign in sheet to student alliance with your receipts


If you are new to the Student Alliance funding process, start by reading these documents:

Funding Guidelines
Funding Process


Forms Needed

  • Campus Group Proposal Form  For students wishing to start a new group. Must be submitted to Student Alliance Coordinator within 48 hours of next Student Alliance meeting via in office or through email. Students may not be reimbursed if money is spent before being an official Campus Group
  • Funding Receipt Form  With attached purchased group supplies receipts
  • Contractor Invoice Form For paying a facilitator or guest facilitator/speaker for group services
  • Funding Proposal Form   When your group is needing/wanting to propose events requiring additional funds
  • Campus Group Sign In Sheets Use at your meetings and events to track attendees

Campus Groups Packet  All of the above forms in one convenient zip file.


Current Campus Groups

Go to Campus Groups page


For more in depth info or additional details please contact the Student Alliance Coordinator.