Social Justice Research and Community Service Grant


Student Alliance provides stipends to enable students to conduct research in areas of
Social Justice and undertake community service initiatives in the United States or
internationally. Emphasis will be placed on students to work in alliance with local
communities to challenge oppressive practices and policies. This could include issues
committed to challenging racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, or other;
global human rights issues; as well as looking at ecological sustainability. Students must
develop a comprehensive proposal outlining the research and its commitment to social
justice issues and the principles of CIIS.

If it is a Community Service Initiative, projects must be initiated by a CIIS student in
collaboration with a non-profit organization with the explicit support of the community
that students will be working with or in direct collaboration with communities. Projects
could be local, national or international in their scope. Examples of projects could be
working with homeless communities, supporting community services trips with other
students to New Orleans to help with rebuilding, or working with refugees. Students must
develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines their goals and objectives for the
initiative, how it reflects the principles of CIIS and how it will be brought back to the
CIIS community.

The stipend amount is $1,000 per student. Ten awards will be awarded annually. Please note that priority goes to first time applicants.

Download Spring 2013 Application Packet