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Yoga at California Institute of Integral Studies

Namaste! We are a group of certified yoga teachers – all CIIS students – who are dedicated to co-creating a vibrant yoga community at CIIS to support the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of students and faculty. We offer yoga classes on campus nearly every day of the school week at no charge to members of our community.

Our mission is to facilitate integral learning through the practice of yoga, which cultivates mind-body-spirit integration, health and peace.
Students of all levels and abilities are embraced in all classes. Bring your own mat if you have one. Additional mats and bolsters are available.

Check calendar above for class locations.

Questions or ideas? Contact Danielle Sharon, Yoga Coordinator,


Class Descriptions

Alignment-based Yoga Flow with Diana Justl

Based in Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Sivananda yogic traditions, this class encourages internal exploration, supporting individuals to access their own wisdom and intuition to guide them through their practice on and off the mat. Classes include meditation and mindfulness practices as well as movement, with a focus on alignment.

Soul Flow Yoga with Shirley Kali Johnson

Ready to move your body and connect with your intuition? Soul Flow is the perfect way to warm up the body, mind and spirit. This class moves at a moderate pace with attention to alignment and also with the intention to get the heart rate flowing with the breath to inspiring music. This is a great practice to balance your energy.

Yin Flow Yoga with Danielle Sharon

Yearning to slow down, reconnect with yourself and release long-held tensions? Yin yoga is about surrendering, letting go and yielding to the flow. Through the practice of long holds and mindfulness, we rebalance energy, revitalize soft tissues, release blocked emotions and discover how we can do less and be more. Classes include slow movement, meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and yin yoga philosophy.

Sivananda Hatha Yoga with Francesca Marini

Sivananda yoga is a classical style of hatha yoga founded by Swami Sivananda’s disciple Swami Vishnu-devananda. Each class includes breathwork, frequent relaxation, and twelve basic postures designed to balance the chakras and tone and energize the body. Great class for those just beginning to walk the yogic path.

Ashtanga Yoga Therapy with Sarah Coenen

This class is based on the Yoga Chikitsa (therapy) of Ashtanga modified and slowed down in order to emphasize spinal integrity and safety. Elements of Kundalini and Shadow Yoga are incorporated, balancing the Yang with Yin. The class aims to be challenging enough to warm the body so that muscles can stretch, nervous systems can reset, blood can be oxygenated, mind can quiet, resulting in feeling more integrated on the body-mind-soul level.


Meet the Teachers

Diana Justl

Diana has been dedicated to yoga and meditation for 14 years. Her exploration has led to the
study and practice of Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Sivananda yoga. She completed her 200
hour Raja Yoga Teacher Certification at Sivananda Vedanta Centre and 150 hours Advanced
Teacher Training at The Yoga Centre Winnipeg. She encourages internal exploration, supporting
individuals to access their own wisdom and intuition that will guide them through
their practice on and off the mat. Diana is also an attuned Reiki Master and Thai Massage
practitioner. Diana has been joyfully teaching an alignment based flow yoga, interweaving
meditation and mindfulness for over 3 years. She has mainly been influenced and devoted to
Lama Lodro, Adyashanti, Sarah Powers, Aadil Palhkivala, Tias Little, Jan Debenham, and Mark
Whitwell all of whom she has studied with.



Shirley Kali Johnson

Born into New York hip-hop culture and a family of musicians, Shirley Kali Johnson grew up exploring culture, movement, and music through her surroundings. After graduating from Brown University, Shirley went on to work in corporate finance, only to find herself unfulfilled. She found the yoga practice healing and a catalyst for courage as she began to make shifts in her life. Through a consistent practice, Shirley found that yoga was much more than physical asana and enjoys bringing yogic philosophy and meditation to her classes, as well as her love for music, laughter, and poetry.
Through this practice, she hopes to encourage others to tap into their own courage and make the shifts they need to live their most healthy and radiant life.

Shirley is certified as a Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance through New York City’s Reflections Yoga, through Yoga Ed. ™ for High Schools, and is a certified JourneyDance™ teacher. She is a practicing astrologer and Reiki Master. Currently Shirley is also a transpersonal psychology graduate student at California Institute of Integral Studies.


Danielle Sharon

“We are all just walking each other home.”
- Ram Dass

Born in Israel to a family that migrated west, Danielle ventured into her first yoga class in New York City eight years ago seeking relief from anxiety, chronic feelings of “not enough-ness” and a vague yet persistent sense of being far from the life she wanted to be living – and far from home.

She learned by stumbling on the yogic path to breathe, find peace in her own body and bow down to life and its mysterious flow.
“Babait” which means at home in Hebrew, is now her mantra. She is known as a warm and soulful teacher who is devoted to helping students feel at home in their bodies – recovering whatever it is they need along the way to experience their lives with greater authenticity, sweetness and truth.

Danielle is a 200+ hour registered yoga teacher (RYT- 200) trained at Laughing Lotus Yoga School in New York. Her teaching is continually inspired by her own practice as well as her exploration of psychology, hatha yoga philosophy, yin yoga, meditation and creative movement. It is with gratitude, curiosity and an open heart that Danielle offers yoga at California Institute of Integral Studies, where she studies Somatic Psychology as a graduate student and leads the Student Alliance funded yoga program.


Francesca Marini

Francesca Marini began her yoga journey at age sixteen after undergoing surgery for scoliosis. Amazed by how quickly she was able to regain flexibility in her spine and intrigued by the mind-body connection that comes from the practice, she knew she wanted to share the experience with others. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch, in Woodbourne, NY, and apprenticed with Ella Luckett at Jai Yoga Arts in Brooklyn. She hopes to guide her students to find deeper connection and balance within themselves through the study of yoga.



Audra Miller

Audra Miller is an East Coast transplant recently landing in the Bay Area to pursue a PhD in East West Psychology at CIIS. She has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching yoga since 2011. She offers students a place to land in the midst of a crazy world, in which they are empowered to trust their body, heart, and intuition. Through a guided slow vinyasa flow, you are welcome to explore the boundaries of your own mind and body.

Audra has a 200 hour Kripalu yoga teacher certification and a 500 hour yoga teacher certification through Kathryn Templeton in tantric and ParaYoga traditions. She has also completed an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certification through Yoga International, formerly Himalayan Institute. She is also trained as an Intercultural Competency Trainer and International Service-Learning educator. She holds a BA in Art and Sociology, and an MS in Organizational Management.

For those that want to transform their daily practice into a powerful catalyst for local and global social change. In order to enact change in the world, we must first BE the change ourselves. This is an inspiration and motivation filled practice taking you beyond asana and into a mindset that helps you find and reach your big mission here. Through basic flow of poses, pranayama, and deep meditation and relaxation we get back to our center. In this hour long class, you have the opportunity to reset your day and get back on track.