Campus Groups

Below is the list of active and current CIIS Student Initiated Campus Groups funded by Student Alliance.

Archetypal Geometry and Philosophy Exploratorium (AGAPE)

Mission Statement: At the foundation of our thinking about the structure of the universe are geometric concepts of space, matter, and the forces that work within them. These geometric concepts are implicit in the modern scientific world-view that is mechanistic, materialistic, and devoid of meaning. Through geometric exercises, AGAPE seeks to liberate thinking from its Euclidean, Cartesian, Newtonian confines, and to cultivate an awareness of the relational dynamics of archetypal forces manifest in the macrocosm and microcosm. Through conscious participation in the geometric becoming of form, AGAPE explores the landscape beyond the confines, with the goals of discovering practical means for breaking the spell of disenchantment, and wondering at the beauty. Email Jeremy Strawn to get involved.

Awakening to Whiteness and Racism Everywhere (AWARE)

AWARE (Awakening to Whiteness and Racism Everywhere) provides a space for students, faculty, and staff to examine experiences of white social privilege, to confront histories of silence, shame, and complicity, and to build alliances between white people and people of color at CIIS. All who wish to attend AWARE meetings are welcome, and the focus of the process is on supporting white people in the work of ending racism. A major goal of the group is to promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice in the CIIS community. Louisa is the current facilitator, and the group is seeking co-facilitators and more involvement. Email to get involved with the Weekend AWARE group (for students in the weekend programs). Contact Louisa if you’d like to plan an event for this group or get involved.


Weekly introduction to Zen form and meditation, followed by two Zazen meditation sessions and walking meditation. Contact: Orjan with any questions.


An Astrology Study Group dedicated to the support and growth of an astrological community of learners at CIIS, fostering an approach to the discipline of astrology which is creative, imaginative, and intellectually rigorous. All knowledge and skill levels are welcomed in our topic-based approach, which emphasizes peer learning and mentoring. This will be a great way to connect with students of astrology at CIIS and access resources to further your studies.Contact: Ian Waisler,

CIIS Media Working Group

The CIIS Media Working Group seeks students to collectively engage in the creation of a media organization that has a collaborative decision making process, while implementing a horizontal structure that produces material that is alternative, oppositional, or radical in nature. We seek to tear down traditional notions surrounding the presentation, organization, and structures surrounding media production and so-called “management”. Our initial project is the creation of a student run and controlled low power FM station that will broadcast from campus and reach well over a half a million people! Take part in redefining the role of media within “the community” and participate in the initial stages of helping this massive undertaking become a radicalizing reality. We will be meeting every Wednesday at 6pm in room 565 of the CIIS Main Campus (1453 Mission St.). Contact James,

Diversity Perspectives in Embodiment

Diversity Perspectives in Embodiment sponsors speakers, events and discussions, throughout the year, that support diverse theories and applications of somatic psychology and embodiment. We are particularly interested in supporting students leadership and discussion about how somatic education and somatic psychotherapy practices can to be engaged to address needs of those whose perspectives are marginally addressed, within society or within psychology training. These perspectives come from diverse cultural, racial/ethnic, sexual, gender, or social-economic positions, as well as non-traditional experiences or values. We also support discussion from students of different programs, and with community clinicians, on diverse ways embodiment is applied within respective programs. We are a new group and welcome new energy, particularly towards organizing a 2-day conference or student writing. Contact Eveline,

ERIE: Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education

The Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education group’s mission is to provide a forum for the furtherance of three areas in the entheogenic dialogue: 1) discussing contemporary research and scholarship involving sacred medicine and proposing new horizons and directions for it; 2) creating and holding a safe space in which to share and integrate transpersonal experiences; and 3) envisioning a new educational paradigm in which the ancient wisdom of plant teachers, long held by indigenous cultures, can be reframed to be relevant within a modern, Western context. Contact: Larry,

Integral Taiji & QigongOur Integral Taiji & Qigong classes focus on embodied, spiritual, social, ecological, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of qigong and taiji. We practice standing meditation, walking meditation, Taiji Ruler, the Eight Treasures, taiji dance, push hands, and more. We also practice sections of the Yang style slow form. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of prior experience. Feel free to come as little or as often as you want. This class is free to the CIIS community and is co-sponsored by Student Alliance and The Chaudhuri Center: Contemplative Practice, Interreligious Dialogue, and Social Justice. More info at Contact: Elizabeth,

International Students and Friends: “Finding Home”

International Students & Friends is created for the expressed purpose of providing peer support for the international student community through organizing and hosting cultural and social events as well as of raising awareness on campus about the specific needs of international graduate students.

All CIIS students, alumni, faculty and staff and encouraged to join. If you are an international student or a new immigrant, attracted to cross-cultural experiences, a language learner, or have lived overseas and want to connect then this community group is for you. Contact: Jody,, Adrian,, or James,

People of Color Group (POC)

The People of Color group is open to faculty, staff and students of color. The group meets every two weeks to discuss issues of diversity at the Institute and to provide ongoing support to the community of color at CIIS. A major goal of the group is to promote cultural diversity and awareness in the CIIS community. There is currently someone acting as a coordinator for the Weekend programs (eg Weekend ICP) POC group, but the “regular” weekday group needs a new coordinator. Email Tia at if you’d like to present ideas for this group or propose an event or speaker.

POC Thrive

POC Thrive is an advocacy and support group for students of color at CIIS. We recognize that it is crucial to address the experiences and issues of racism within the institution in caring, competent, and creative ways. Jaq Victor is a queer Vietnamese-American student in the Drama Therapy program. They are deeply committed to inviting critical discourse and play into their communities as steps towards collective healing and liberation. Email Jaq at if you’d like to present ideas for this group or propose an event or speaker.


Queer@CIIS is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersex members of the CIIS community and their allies. Our primary mission is to provide a safe and enthusiastic environment for all students, faculty, and staff that supports, affirms, encourages, and empowers us in sharing our lives and goals more fully and openly in the community, thereby enhancing the richness and relevance of the CIIS educational experience. Our group provides exciting educational and social events to support, promote, and edify all students as well as those in the community. We believe that inclusivity is a primary ingredient for discourse, and camaraderie. Your ideals, ideas, stories, and support are most welcome and encouraged. Contact Kelly if you’d like to present ideas for this group or propose an event or speaker.

Student Alliance

Student Alliance is a student-run organization that facilitates communication, sponsors events, and allocates funding to help students and student groups actualize the seven institute ideals. Listening to student voices, we build alliances, cultivate student leadership, and advocate for social change and transformation of existing power structures. $25 from your registration fee funds us, so if you are an active student, you are automatically a member and may participate in all Student Alliance sponsored activities. Contact: Tia,

Theatre For Change

We are committed to using theatrical performance to give voice and representation to people of color; to open dialogue within the community on issues of race, racism, and equality; and to encourage our audience to fight inequality on a personal, institutional, and societal level.Contact: The Drama Therapy Department

Yoga @ CIIS


We are a group of certified yoga teachers – all CIIS students – who are dedicated to co-creating a vibrant yoga community at CIIS to support the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of students and faculty. We offer yoga classes on campus nearly every day of the school week at no charge to members of our community.

Our mission is to facilitate integral learning through the practice of yoga, which cultivates mind-body-spirit integration, health and peace.

We offer teachings steeped in diverse yogic traditions, ranging from traditional Hatha yoga to meditative Yin to gentle Vinyasa flow. Through asana (poses), meditation, pranayama (breath work) and relaxation, we open our hearts, strengthen our bodies and recover our capacity for clear seeing, trust and inner wisdom.

CIIS was founded by yogis; we invite all who are curious (new and devoted students alike) to join us in carrying forward this legacy. Students of all levels and abilities are embraced in all of our classes.

Bring your own mat if you have one. Additional mats and bolsters are available. Check out class schedule here: Questions or ideas? Contact Danielle Sharon, Yoga Coordinator,

Zumba at CIIS

Zumba is a collaboration of different cultures coming together through the expression of dance and its music. In this class through my personal musical selection I plan on taking all of the participants on a journey through ranging from African, DanceHall/ Reggae ,Soca, Calypso, Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and much more. Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! Zumba exercise classes are ” fitness-parties ” that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration. This class will be offered every Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm. Contact Safia